In 1927 Otto Bischoff took over the Theodor Loepfe & Co. embroidery export business and renamed the company Bischoff Hungerbühler & Co. After the merger, in 1930 the company was renamed Bischoff & Müller. During this time the production of embroidery for lingerie gained in importance. The company acquired its present name in 1948. Over the decades the reputation of the Bischoff brand grew in the international fashion world to become a byword for high-quality embroidery.

Bischoff Textil AG - Embroidery St. Gallen

Today, Bischoff Textil AG mainly produces embroidery for luxury underwear and clothing, but is also active in the field of high-tech textiles. A sizeable percentage of the embroidery for the fashion market is produced in the modern factories of Bischoff Gamma (Thailand) Ltd., a joint venture of Bischoff Textil AG and Gamma Textile Mfg. Ltd. Co., Ltd.

The Swiss factory in Diepoldsau focuses on the manufacture of embroidery for medical products and technical textiles. Embroidery is also still produced for individual customers in the fashion sector. As a contract embroidery company, Bischoff Textil AG in Diepoldsau also makes its capacities and know-how available to other embroidery suppliers.


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