Apprenticeships at Bischoff Textil AG

Ms Claudia Kast will gladly answer any questions concerning professional training at Bischoff Textil AG. (Phone +41 71 272 03 48)
Bogenstrasse 9
9001 St. Gallen
– All training positions for the current year of 2017 are already filled.
– We will gladly take your application for the year 2018.
Bischoff Textil AG offers apprenticeship in the following:

Profession (training duration 3 years)

– Merchant, profile E or M
– Textile technician, specialisation: design
– Textile technician EFZ, specialisation: processing

Profession (training duration 2 years)

– Textile practitioner EBA, focus: production
– Textile practitioner EBA, focus: customisation